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Git version panel for Tracy

download-cloud-line composer require 68publishers/tracy-git-version

Tracy Git version

Simple and extensible panel for Tracy that shows information from Git.

Tracy Git version panel

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The best way to install 68publishers/tracy-git-version is using Composer:

$ composer require 68publishers/tracy-git-version

Basic integration

Standalone Tracy integration

The simplest way how to register the panel into Tracy is by creating a default instance and providing it directly into a Bar.

use Tracy\Debugger;
use SixtyEightPublishers\TracyGitVersion\Bridge\Tracy\GitVersionPanel;


Integration into Nette Framework

Basic integration into Nette is really simple. Just register an extension.

    68publishers.tracy_git_version: SixtyEightPublishers\TracyGitVersion\Bridge\Nette\DI\TracyGitVersionExtension

And everything works ๐Ÿ˜‰

Solution for application builds without Git

Often when we deploy an application to a production environment, neither Git nor the .git directory is available due to trying to have a build as small as possible. However, at this moment we have no source of information about the current version. The solution is to export a file that contains all important information at the time when the Git is still accessible.

Setup for standalone Tracy

You must create repositories and the panel manually but there is not much work to do.

use Tracy\Debugger;
use SixtyEightPublishers\TracyGitVersion\Bridge\Tracy\GitVersionPanel;
use SixtyEightPublishers\TracyGitVersion\Repository\LocalGitRepository;
use SixtyEightPublishers\TracyGitVersion\Repository\ExportedGitRepository;
use SixtyEightPublishers\TracyGitVersion\Repository\ResolvableGitRepository;
use SixtyEightPublishers\TracyGitVersion\Repository\RuntimeCachedGitRepository;
use SixtyEightPublishers\TracyGitVersion\Bridge\Tracy\Block\CurrentStateBlock;

# create a repository that reads from the .git directory:
$localGitRepository = LocalGitRepository::createDefault();

# create a repository that reads from a JSON export:
$exportedGitRepository = ExportedGitRepository::createDefault('/var/git-version/repository.json');

# combine there two repositories, if the .git directory is not accessible then try to read from the export file:
$resolvableGitRepository = new ResolvableGitRepository([$localGitRepository, $exportedGitRepository]);

# add runtime cache, commands results are stored so there are no duplicated calls to the real repository:
$cachedGitRepository = new RuntimeCachedGitRepository($resolvableGitRepository);

# add the panel into Tracy
Debugger::getBar()->addPanel(new GitVersionPanel($cachedGitRepository, [new CurrentStateBlock()]));

Setup for Nette Framework

The setup for Nette is more simple. Just add another extension into your neon configuration.

    68publishers.tracy_git_version: SixtyEightPublishers\TracyGitVersion\Bridge\Nette\DI\TracyGitVersionExtension
    68publishers.tracy_git_version.export: SixtyEightPublishers\TracyGitVersion\Bridge\Nette\DI\TracyGitVersionExportExtension

The default name for the exported file is %tempDir%/git-version/repository.json but you can change it.

    export_filename: %tempDir%/my/custom/path.json

Creating the export file

The export file should be created by executing a script that is located in the composer's bin directory. The script is independent of the application so you must provide the filename of the exported file as an option.

$ vendor/bin/tracy-git-version export-repository --output-file <your_temp>/git-version/repository.json -vv

Advanced guide

If you want to read more about repositories, how to extend them or how to add custom data into the panel, please see the Advanced guide.


Before opening a pull request, please check your changes using the following commands

$ make init # to pull and start all docker images

$ make cs.check
$ make stan
$ make tests.all


The package is distributed under the MIT License. See LICENSE for more information.

  • v1.2.0 v1.2.0

    Reading via git binary

    • added method GitDirectory::executeGitCommand()
    • added boolean parameter $useBinary into constructor of the class GetHeadCommandHandler
    • added boolean parameter $useBinary into constructor of the class GetLatestTagCommandHandler
    • added boolean paramter $useBinary into the method LocalGitRepository::createDefault()
    • added boolean paramter $useBinary into the method Export\Config::createDefault()
    • Nette DI extensions reigsters command handlers with parameter useBinary = true by default
    • fixed tests
  • v1.1.0 v1.1.0

    • added Dockerfile and docker-compose.yml with all supported PHP versions
    • added Makefile
    • updated dev dependencies
    • coding style (removed unnecessary phpdoc, added use section for native functions, phpstan)
    • added PHPStan
    • added GitHub Actions
    • updated README
  • v1.0.2 v1.0.2

  • v1.0.1 v1.0.1

  • v1.0.0 v1.0.0

    First release ๐ŸŽ‰







php (^7.4 | ^8.0)
ext-json (*)
tracy/tracy (^2.6.0)
Componette Componette