First class DataGrid for Nette Framework.

Supported features: filtering, sorting, pagination, tree view, table view, translator, etc

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State Version Branch Nette PHP
dev ^6.3.0 master >=3.0 ^7.2
stable ^6.2.0 master >=3.0 ^7.2
stable ^6.1.0 master >=3.0 ^7.2
stable ^5.7.1 v5.x >=2.3 ^5.6
stable ^4.4.22 v5.x >=2.3 ^5.6
stable ^3.3.1 v5.x >=2.3 ^5.3

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Pavel Janda

Milan Felix Šulc

Former maintainers

Martin Procházka

Thank you for testing, reporting and contributing.

  • v6.2.29 v6.2.29


    • Status/Option: added connfirmation dialog

    Diff: v6.2.28...v6.2.29

  • v6.2.28 v6.2.28


    • Add option to set target of Export html:a button (@hlavacz)

    Diff: v6.2.27...v6.2.28

  • v5.7.8 v5.7.8


    • Sorting wont use anything but ASC/DESC strings (@juniwalk)

    Diff: v5.7.7...v5.7.8

  • v6.2.27 v6.2.27


    • Sorting wont use anything but ASC/DESC strings (@juniwalk)

    Diff: v6.2.26...v6.2.27

  • v5.7.7 v5.7.7


    • Fixed group text action collision with another datagrid (@Matousek)

    Diff: v5.7.6...v5.7.7

  • v6.2.26 v6.2.26


    • Fixed group text action collision with another datagrid

    Diff: v6.2.25...v6.2.26

  • v6.2.25 v6.2.25


    • GroupActionCollection: better type hints

    Diff: v6.2.24...v6.2.25

  • v6.2.24 v6.2.24


    • Button group actions (@besir)

    Diff: v6.2.23...v6.2.24

  • v6.2.23 v6.2.23


    • assets: replace pushState to replaceState in history API (@martenb)

    Diff: v6.2.22...v6.2.23

  • v5.7.6 v5.7.6


    Diff: v5.7.5...v5.7.6

  • v6.2.22 v6.2.22


    • DibiFluentPostgreDataSource - fix for BC break in dibi 4.1.2 in text search (@elring)

    Diff: v6.2.21...v6.2.22

  • v6.2.21 v6.2.21


    • Update DataGrid.php When sortCallback is not set. Use column sortableCallback (@VojtechSejkora)

    Diff: v6.2.20...v6.2.21

  • v6.2.20 v6.2.20


    Diff: v6.2.19...v6.2.20

  • v6.2.19 v6.2.19


    • Composer: use newer version of contributte/application

    Diff: v6.2.18...v6.2.19

  • v6.2.18 v6.2.18


    • ActionCallback::$onClick type fix

    Diff: v6.2.17...v6.2.18

  • v6.2.17 v6.2.17


    • DataGrid: fix inline edit payload when editable callback is empty

    Diff: v6.2.16...v6.2.17

  • v6.2.16 v6.2.16


    Diff: v6.2.15...v6.2.16

  • v6.2.15 v6.2.15


    • Fix: Can not set default filter for FilterDateRange (@xsuchy09)
    • Boostrap bc break template fix (fixes outer filters)

    Diff: v6.2.14...v6.2.15

  • v6.2.14 v6.2.14


    • Fix items detail form parameter in detail template (@vitkutny)

    Diff: v6.2.13...v6.2.14

  • v6.2.13 v6.2.13


    • filter template BS fixes

    Diff: v6.2.12...v6.2.13

  • v6.2.12 v6.2.12


    Diff: v6.2.11...v6.2.12

  • v5.7.5 v5.7.5


    Diff: v5.7.4...v5.7.5

  • v6.2.11 v6.2.11


    • Naja support imporvement (@n3t)

    Diff: v6.2.10...v6.2.11

  • v6.2.10 v6.2.10

    Bump! 👠

    • Fixed context in $.nette adapter (@radekdostal)
    • Fixed translation string (@RiKap)
    • GroupTextareaAction - \Nette\Forms\Container::addTextArea() require first parameter as string (@VaclavPavek)
    • Fixed ArrayDataSource SelectBox filter - values are integers (@kuchy)

    Diff: v6.2.9...v6.2.10

  • v6.2.9 v6.2.9

    Bump! 🕶

    • Fixed Multiple column Aggregation Function rendering
    • Added Multiple column Aggregation Function docs
    • Added interface ISingleColumnAggregationFunction (which should be used for single column aggregation functions from now on, potential BC Break, not actual because the method ::render() should be already implemented)

    Diff: v6.2.8...v6.2.9

  • v6.2.8 v6.2.8

    Bump! 🧷

    • Fixed Aggregation Function rendering + docs

    Diff: v6.2.7...v6.2.8

  • v6.2.7 v6.2.7

    Bump! 🏄‍♂️

    • assets/datagrid-spinners.js: remove unnecessary .bind(this)

    Diff: v6.2.6...v6.2.7

  • v6.2.6 v6.2.6

    Bump! 🧘‍♂️

    • Add posibility to override/extend html class for the containing div (@Jakub-Fajkus)
    • Fix default value of input of type select in small inline edit (@KrejcirD)
    • datagrid-instant-url-refresh.js: dropped jQuery dependency (@martenb)
    • Fix context in naja and $.nette adapters (@vitkutny)
    • assets/datagrid.js: removed unnecessary .bind(this)

    Diff: v6.2.5...v6.2.6

  • v5.7.4 v5.7.4

    Diff: v5.7.3...v5.7.4

  • v5.7.3 v5.7.3

    Bump! 🏄‍♂️

    • Fixed paginator when using translated 'all' option

    Diff: v5.7.2...v5.7.3

  • v6.2.5 v6.2.5

    Bump! 👩‍💻

    Diff: v6.2.4...v6.2.5

  • v6.2.4 v6.2.4

    Bump! 🍓

    Diff: v6.2.3...v6.2.4


    • ItemDetail fix when multiple datagrids at same page (@BigOHenry)
    • Fix array data source type error (@kuchy)
    • Docs fixes (@n3t)
    • README updates (@f3l1x)
  • v6.2.3 v6.2.3

    Bump! 📌

    Diff: v6.2.2...v6.2.3


    • Fix the filter reset type error when the remember state is disabled (@jaroslavlibal)
  • v6.2.2 v6.2.2

    Bump! 🎈

    Diff: v6.2.1...v6.2.2


    • Make the $template parameter nullable in Column::setTemplate() (@jaroslavlibal)
  • v6.2.1 v6.2.1

    Bump! 🐸

    Diff: v6.2.0...v6.2.1


    • Added the casting to string to the CsvDataModel::getRow() (@jaroslavlibal)
  • v6.2.0 v6.2.0

    Bump! 💅

    Diff: v6.1.1...v6.2.0


    • Added UUID support in Row::getDoctrineEntityProperty() (@Rixafy)
    • Added support for string IDs (@Rixafy)
    • Support inheritance static analysis in return types (@mabar)
    • Fixed $rowCallback argument of DataGrid::setColumnsSummary() method
  • v6.1.1 v6.1.1

    Bump! 🐒

    Diff: v6.1.0...v6.1.1


    • DataGrid: fixed resetting filter session
  • v6.1.0 v6.1.0

    Bump! 🐟

    Diff: v6.0.1...v6.1.0


    • Render condition within ColumnStatus (@peldax)


    • DateTimeHelper & ColumnDateTime: handling of null values
    • Rendering of inline add inside a component
  • v6.0.1 v6.0.1

    Bump! 👻

    Diff: v6.0.0...v6.0.1


    • Completed documentation


    • Replacement of ::getName() with ::lookupPath() (@peldax)
    • datagrid.latte template (missing class with padding-bottom)
    • phpstan, code sniffer
  • v6.0.0 v6.0.0

    Bump V6!


    Diff: v5.7.2...v6.0.0


    • Using Nette v3
    • Using PHP 7.2 including strinct types

    BC Breaks:

    • Changed method name: Ublaboo\DataGrid\Column\Column::addAttributes() -> ::addCellAttributes():
      • Ublaboo\DataGrid\Column\Action::addAttributes() -> ::addCellAttributes()
      • Ublaboo\DataGrid\Column\ColumnDateTime::addAttributes() -> ::addCellAttributes()
      • Ublaboo\DataGrid\Column\ColumnLink::addAttributes() -> ::addCellAttributes()
      • Ublaboo\DataGrid\Column\ColumnNumber::addAttributes() -> ::addCellAttributes()
      • Ublaboo\DataGrid\Column\ColumnStatus::addAttributes() -> ::addCellAttributes()
      • Ublaboo\DataGrid\Column\ColumnText::addAttributes() -> ::addCellAttributes()
      • Ublaboo\DataGrid\Column\MultiAction::addAttributes() -> ::addCellAttributes()
    • Changed method name and method parameters:
      • Ublaboo\DataGrid\Column\Action::setConfirm(some mixed thing) -> ::setConfirmation(IConfirmation $confirmation)
        • There are 2 IConfirmation implementations: StringConfirmation and CallbackConfirmation
    • Names of template variables changed from snake_case to camelCase:
      • $columns_visibility -> $columnsVisibility
      • $original_template -> $originalTemplate
      • etc ...
    • Changed method parameter:
      • Ublaboo\DataGrid\Column\Column::setSort(array $sort) -> ::setSort(string $sort) (Before: ['status' => 'ASC'], after: 'ASC')
    • Dropped coffescritpt/sass assets -> using only JS/CSS assets now
  • v5.7.2 v5.7.2

    Bump! ⌛️

    Diff: v5.7.1...v5.7.2


    • Handle the invalid date values in the date and date range filters (@petaak )
    • Add check for __toString() in array row value (@Rixafy )
    • Added method ::getOptions() for FilterSelect and FilterMultiSelect (@stanislav-janu )
  • v5.7.1 v5.7.1

    Bump! ⌛️

    Diff: v5.7.0...v5.7.1


    • Added support for Export button confirm dialog (@Arziel)
    • Bump 5.7.0 NPM package
    • DoctrineDataSource - clean DQL orderBy (@JKoty)
    • Bootstrap 4 calendar icon (@radekdostal) [#706]
    • Repair paginator (@romanmatyus) [#645]
    • NextrasDataSource - fix multiselect (@martenb) [#653]
    • DoctrineCollectionDataSource - protectec properties [#672]
    • Bugfix: throwing exception on null parent. [#721]
    • Datagrid: setDataSource - allow NextrasDataSource [#737]
  • v5.7.0 v5.7.0

    Bump! 😲

    Diff: v5.6.0...v5.7.0


    • initial markdown docs (@paveljanda)
    • add the object to string cast to the Row::getId method [#704]
    • added setPositionTop to columns summary (@vladimirbiro)
    • append all defined attributes to (@paveljanda)
    • allow zero value in custom editable value (@lukascellar)
    • column - added condition callback to allow/disallow inline editing on each row (@radekprokes)
    • allows set custom paginator template before datagrid component is attached to presenter component (@mhucik)
    • support Bootstrap 4 [#416][#593][#678][#699][#700]
    • regenereate CSS/JS files [#704]



    • dropped minified CSS/JS files, you have to manage by yourself (@f3l1x)

    Install via NPM (

    npm i ublaboo-datagrid

    Or you can use assets from rawgit. Just try it:

  • v5.4.9 v5.4.9

    • PHP 7.2 support: removed usage of Nette\Object -> using Nette\SmartObject trait instead
  • v5.6.0 v5.6.0

    Bump! 🎃

    Diff: v5.5.6...v5.6.0


    • allow symofny/property-accessor v4.0
    • run PHP 7.2 tests
    • call addComponent on control (due to change in nette/application)


    • failing DibiFluent vs Dibi\Fluent tests
    • failing NextrasORM v2.0 tests
    • render url for signal in parent control
  • v5.5.6 v5.5.6

    • Added possibility to render yet another Nette\Forms\Container in inline edit container
  • v5.5.5 v5.5.5

    • package.json update - to latest version
  • v5.5.4 v5.5.4

    • Fixed sorting of column after returning from different page and then manipulating with filter
  • v5.5.3 v5.5.3

    • Assets: added .npmignore for exluding PHP files and other npm-irrelevant files
  • v5.5.2 v5.5.2

    • Fixed sorting: let the previous remain after filtering
  • v5.5.1 v5.5.1


    • TLink: Try to create presenter link when there is a colon in the link string (fixes link creation to presenter action)
  • v5.5.0 v5.5.0

    New features

    • Link creation update - look for signal handler in the whole way up to the UI\Presenter, fixes #592
    • ColumnsSummary: added support for custom renderer (thanks @vitkutny)
    • Add option to set render condition callback on action (thanks @jankonas)


    • Fixed sorting on column, which has defined default descending sort (thanks @proki)
    • Use single quotes when finding option in inline edit (thanks @FilipLukac)
  • 5.4.13 5.4.13

    • Fixed TButtonRenderer to support php < 7.1
  • 5.4.12 5.4.12

    • TButtonRenderer trait (so even ToolbarButton can be rendered by custom callback)
  • v5.4.11 v5.4.11

    • Assets: fixed hiding of inline edit button
  • v5.4.8 v5.4.8

    • DateTimeHelper: added check for unix timestamp (great for displaying date/datetime columns with unix timestamp value set in data)
  • v5.4.7 v5.4.7

    • Fix for non-functional text filter in PostgreSQL + dibi, thanks @elring
  • v5.4.6

  • v5.4.5 v5.4.5



  • v5.4.2 v5.4.2


    • Group action checkboxes: fixed counter showing number of selected rows


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