This component is an easy way to add input tags to your Nette projects


Copy or git clone this repository.

Move it into your Nette project folder

Create component in your Presenter like this

protected function createComponentTags(): TagsControl
    $tags = new TagsControl();
    $tags->setPlaceholder('We all love tags!');
    return $tags;

You can also change the main and secondary color by adding

$tags->setColors(['Main color (in HEX)','Secondary color (in HEX)'])

How does it look?

Default look 1

Inputting tags 2

With tags (and on hover) 3

Whole process 4

Yes, I know it looks amazing!

I made this for my project, thought it might be useful for others too! Pull requests are welcomed.

No release at this moment. Try to create first one.

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