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Allows you to send files to browser from Presenter. (also can be used without Nette) Allows you to log and restrict access to these files. There is…

download-cloud-line composer require jkuchar/filedownloader

File Downloader

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looking for new maintainer(s) Please use Nette\Application\Responses\FileResponse instead. Or hi-speed solution X-Accel/NGINX or X-Sendfile/Apache.

Addon makes controlled downloads of files peace of cake. It supports client reconnections, segmented downloading, files over 4GB, automatic mime-type detection and special characters in file names. If you need to control download speed you are on the right site.


Install this addon just by calling: composer require jkuchar/filedownloader

Or to install example, continue to example repository. (one command set-up)

Basic usage: Just want to download file

Import FileDownloader from it's namespace

use FileDownloader\FileDownload;

And use

$filedownload = new FileDownload;
$filedownload->sourceFile = "source.txt";

// or the same thing using fluent-interface

Advanced usage: combination of advanced features

$filedownload = new FileDownload();
$filedownload->sourceFile = "source.txt";

// apply speed limit (in this case in bytes per second)
$filedownload->speedLimit = 5 * FDTools::BYTE;

// set filename that will be seen by user
$filedownload->transferFileName = "test.txt";

// set mime-type manually (you normally do not need to so this!)
$filedownload->mimeType = "application/pdf";

// show this file directly in browser (do not download it)
$filedownload->contentDisposition =	FileDownload::CONTENT_DISPOSITION_INLINE;


The same thing using fluent-interface:

	// Nastavíme rychlost odesílání v bytech


When... is cancelled failed succeded etc.

$filedownload->onAbort[] = "onAbortHandlerFunction"; // here is everything callable accepted

// fluent-interface

// Callback parameters are always the same
function onAbort(FileDownload $download,IDownloader $downloader){
	/* ... */
Callback name Description
BeforeDownloaderStarts Before downloader starts
BeforeOutputStarts Before output to browser starts (last chance to modify HTTP headers)
StatusChange When file download status changes (when block of file is sent or every second if there is no speed limit)
Complete When file download is finished
Abort When file download is aborted (user clicks cancel)
ConnectionLost When connection is lost (for whatever reason)
TransferContinue When paused transfer continues (this is start event for partial downloads)
NewTransferStart When new transfer from beginning starts (this is start event for downloads from beginning)

In repository there is example form that prints on screen all called callbacks.

Technical requirements

There are two downloaders AdvancedDownloader requires to set infinite time limit (tries to do so automatically). As fallback there is NativePHPDownloader available, this downloader requires as much memory as is file size on some PHP installtions. (php bug: if you've found solution, please let me know)

Callbacks, speed controlling and support for big files is only for AdvancedFileDownloader!

Support for huge files (over 4 GB)

  • This is realized through cURL extension so please do not forget to enable it. Addon will work also without CURL but very inefficiently.
  • Support for >4GB files also requires to add BigFileTools into your libraries (do that using composer)
  • v2.0.0-rc Released 2.0.0 Release Candidate

    • got rid of nette\environment dependency
    • BC: Download classes now requires dependencies explicitly over constructor
    • internal cleanup
  • v1.2.3 v1.2.3

    • fixed buffer size computation when no memory limit is set (thanks to @dasim )
  • 1.2.2 Bugfix for Nette 2.3

    This is composer related bugfix release where this addon wasn't able to install into project with newer nette than 2.2.

  • 1.2.1 v1.2.1

    Minor fix release

    • fixed usage of missing class
  • 1.2.0 v1.2.0

    Updated to use composer and to work with newest Nette.







php (>= 5.3.0)
ext-curl (*)
jkuchar/bigfiletools (>=1.1.0 <=2.0)
Componette Componette