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  • For more information see WIKI (always up to date to the newest stable version)
  • Try it on CODEPEN (JavaScript version is always behind the php version so it may contain bugs and errors that have already been fixed in the PHP version)



        favicon includes/favicon.ico
        title Macdom example
        h1 #title .titles .main-title Hello world
            @ a $http://www.[@].com $blank Link on -
            [google] .first-link Google
            [yahoo] Yahoo
            [github] Github	
        div #wrapper Some text <b>here</b>. async


<!DOCTYPE html>
		<meta charset="utf-8">
		<meta content="width=device-width" name="viewport">
		<link rel="shortcut icon" href="includes/favicon.ico">
		<title>Macdom example</title>
		<h1 id="title" class="titles main-title">Hello world</h1>
			<a target="blank" href="" class="first-link">Link on - Google</a>
			<a target="blank" href="">Link on - Yahoo</a>
			<a target="blank" href="">Link on - Github</a>
		<div id="wrapper">
			Some text <b>here</b>.
		<script async="" type="text/javascript" src=""></script>


  • PHP 7.0+
  • If you use Nette Framework - v2.3+


1 - Download the Macdom using composer:

 composer require machy8/macdom

2 - Usage:


$macdom = new Macdom\Engine;
$compiled = $macdom->compile($content);

Nette framework:

use Macdom\Bridges\Latte\FileLoader;
use Macdom\Engine;

 * @var Engine
private $macdom;

 * @var FileLoader
private $fileLoader;

public function __construct(Engine $macdom, FileLoader $fileLoader) {
	$this->macdom = $macdom;
	$this->fileLoader = $fileLoader;

protected function createTemplate()
	$template = parent::createTemplate();
	return $template;

And add a config neon file with the following content (or try Composer synchronizer. It will do it for you automatically).

    macdom: Macdom\Bridges\Nette\MacdomExtension
    debugger: TRUE
  • v3.0.0 3.0.0

    • Completely redesigned version
    • See docs folder for changes
    • Requires PHP >= 7.0
    • If you use Nette framework >= 2.3
    • This version is incompatible with previous versions
  • v2.2.0 2.2.0

    • Fixes
      • macro selector is now replaced correctly
      • empty string in replicator is ignored
      • macros are detected properly in the replicator
    • New
      • string can be cleaned from both sides or only from left
      • is possible to add blank line on the end of the file
    • Other
      • Improved coding style
      • Renamed variables Elements, Macros, Setup, Replicator - now they start by lowercase letter
  • v2.1.0 2.1.0

    New Features

    • Script or css tag can by added through shortcut => script.js and style.css
    • New core macros - index-follow, no-index-follow
    • Added SKIP and SKIP-CONTENT selectors for skipping content
    • Is possible to add quick attributes via addQkAttributes()
    • Improved code connection in the replicator - by adding ‘|’ you can preserve the trailing space


    • Setup - code indentation options are now ‘spaces’, ‘tabs’, ‘combined’ instead of 1-3
    • Removed n:href support
    • Improved viewport Macro
    • Improved output code style


    • PHP >= 5.4.0
    • If you use Nette >= 2.3.0
  • v2.0.0 2.0.0

    • Changed directory structure
    • Modified setup
    • Added new options for setup
    • Added new tests
    • Various bugs fixed
    • Added selector for data-attribute
    • Better support for clean php
    • Better support for no-compile areas
    • Improved work with text
  • v1.3.0 1.3.0

    • Now is possible to use Macdom without Nette Framework
    • Added method for code compression
    • Various bugs fixed
    • Visual tests replaced by Nette tester tests
    • Improved coding style
    • Improved code annotations
  • v1.2 1.2

    • Added compileContent method.
    • Now is possible to compile selected content or a whole template even if you are not using Nette Framework.
  • v1.1 1.1



    • Macdom was separated on single components.
    • All classes has its own file.
    • Elements, elements settings and boolean attributes are now separated.
    • Is possible to choose which indent method you want to use.
    • Added methods for customization before compilation (is possible to add elements, macros, select indent method...).
    • Short selectors for classes are now synchronized with html class attributes.
    • Short id selector is now synchronized with html id selector.
    • Improved text connectors - text is now connected with a space according to conditions.

    Fixed issues

    • Detection of no compile area - now is detected even the close tag of no compile area
    • Adding close tags before html comments, text and content from no compile area.

    For more information visi WIKI

Is this addon outdated? Did you find an issue? Please report it.

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