matronator / starterpack

Starter template for Nette projects with custom CMS

download-cloud-line composer require matronator/starterpack

How to start a project:

Install dependencies

Run composer install and npm install commands in the root folder of the project

Prepare the data layer

Create database and run SQL in /init-db.sql or import it via database admin (phpmyadmin/adminer/...)

Connect database in /app/config/config.local.neon. Provide database name, login and password.

Set your environment variales

Create /.env file and set HOST with URL where the project is hosted. (see example). This step is necessary if you don't use npm run serve. Otherwise, you can go with the defaults.

Build process

There are two basic modules - front and admin. Use ./dev and its respective subfolders to create or edit front-end assets. Here is an example of the folder structure:

|-- admin
|   |-- (same structure as front)
`-- front
    |-- images
    |      |-- photo.jpg
    |      `-- chart.png
    |-- icons
    |      |-- mail.svg
    |      `-- arrow.svg
    |-- css
    |   |-- index.js
    |   `-- contact.js
    |-- js
    |   |-- index.css
    |   `-- contact.css
    `-- etc

All assets are compiled into /www/dist folder. For every module subfolder with its name is created.

Keep in mind that files in images and etc preserve their original directory. Other files (css, js, icons) are generated into the root. For example in app/components/Hamburger/Hamburger.css you should reference external images as follows:

.hamburger {
    background-image: url(images/hamburger.svg);


Run npm start if you want to develop the front module. For the admin module use npm run start-admin command.

Whenever a file (except etc/*) in /dev folder or template is changed, the web server will automatically refresh your browser window.

Admin module

The init-db.sql file imports one default user with admin rights that you can use to login to the administration. You can change it or create a new one in the administration on the Users page.


Password: changeme



Run npm run build if you want to create production build of the front module. For the admin module use npm run build-admin command.

Asset usage

Because of cache busting, the only way of using your assets is by means of {asset} custom Latte macro. It accepts two parameters. First is an asset name and the second is a module name (front or admin).


<script src="{asset index.js front}"></script>
<link rel="stylesheet" href="{asset panel.css admin}" >

Currently, the macro doesn't take $baseUrl into account, so the server must host to the domain root

Coding standard


Formatting is handled by Prettier. Standard is enforced by ESLint rules (see eslintConfig.rules in package.json for a reference).


Formatting is handled by Prettier. Standard is enforced by Stylelint rules (see stylelint.rules in package.json for a reference).




All commit messages must be written in English in present tense.

Run npm run lint-css and npm run lint-js before you commit to check if your code adheres to the coding standard. It automatically fixes problems with formatting. Issues which cannot be solved automatically are displayed to the console.

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