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Database updator for Nette/Tracy panel

download-cloud-line composer require meridius/yadup

Yadup - Yet Another Database Updator Panel

Database updator for Nette/Tracy panel

How to

For Nette 2.2 support please see the bottom.

  1. Use the following Composer command in your existing project to add Yadup to it:

     composer require meridius/yadup
  2. Register the extension by adding the following to your config.neon (1st level):

     	yadup: Yadup\YadupExtension
  3. And at last don't forget to create directory for SQL updates files. Default is %appDir%/sql as specified below.

Further configuration

You can tailor the updator to your needs by creating a new section yadup in config.neon (on the same level as extensions). Accepted parameters with their default values are following:

	dbUpdateTable: '_db_update'
	dbConnection: '@database.default'
	definerUser: '' # definer can be changed only in queries that already have one defined
	definerHost: ''
	sqlDir: '%appDir%/sql' # directory with sql script files
	sqlExt: '.sql' # extension of sql files; with 'dot'


For updator to work it is setting its own mapping to Yadup\\*Module\\*Presenter which shouldn't affect you in any way.

Full DB update in used terminology is the one that should contain DROP DATABASE or at least DROP TABLE to prevent possible incompatibilities with consequent updates.

File naming format for SQL update files is Y-m-d_H-i-s[_full].sql

Nette 2.2 support

Because of incompatible changes in Nette/Database 2.3 the support for 2.2 version is moved to the separate Yadup 1.0 version which will receive support for at least some time.


    composer require "meridius/yadup ~1.0.0"

Further configuration

Same as above, instead of:

	dbConnection: '@nette.database.default'

No release at this moment. Try to create first one.

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