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Extended nette/sandbox with integrated gulp, es6+, nittro, sass, browsersync, ...

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This is an extended version of nette/sandbox focused on fast development with modern PHP and JS tools.

Wiki explains how to use present technologies with Nette Framework.

This sandbox is currently based on Nette 2.4 due to incompatibility of some extensions with Nette 3.


Quick start

Install the gulp command

sudo npm install --global gulp-cli

Create a new project using composer

composer create-project webrouse/n-sandbox path/to/install
cd path/to/install

Install JavaScript dependencies using npm

npm install

Run serve task and profit

gulp serve

Visit http://localhost:3000/checker to check minimal requirements, if some issues, install the missing extensions.

Visit http://localhost:3000 in your browser to see the welcome page.

The serve task:

  • includes default and watch tasks
  • checks coding standards for php, js and scss files
  • compiles js, scss files and other assets
  • runs the PHP built-in webserver on localhost:8000 using project php.ini
  • runs Browsersync server on localhost:3000 that proxy requests to the PHP server
  • watches for changes and then check + recompile assets

You can append --silent to suppress unnecessary output

gulp serve --silent

You can append --fix flag to automatically fix coding standards issues:

gulp --fix
gulp lint --fix
gulp serve --fix

To one-shot assets check and compilation run the default task:


For more information, see Tutorial or List of all tasks.

What's inside?


Wiki explains how to use present technologies and tools.


Any improvements to the code or documentation are welcome.

The goal is to create a skeleton that allows comfortable development without affecting the application speed.


Create test for each Gulp task with shunit2.


Nette: New BSD License or GPL 2.0 or 3.0

  • v0.1 v0.1

    Initial release.

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