mskocik / tracy-reloader

Tracy extension - for automatic page update. Support for Server-sent Events and LiveReload

download-cloud-line composer require mskocik/tracy-reloader

Tracy Reloader

Tracy extension for automatic page live update (LiveReload) or refresh (LiveReload and SSE).


composer require --dev mskocik/tracy-reloader

Add to Tracy

		- Mskocik\TracyReloader\ReloaderPanel(<mode>, <options>, <excludeHeaders>)


Extension supports 2 modes: LiveReload or Server Sent Events


// minimal setup
Mskocik\TracyReloader\ReloaderPanel('LR', [
    'https' => false,       // when accessing LiveReload server from https host
    'host' => null,         // when NULL, pick visited hostname 
    'port' => 35729,
    'path' => 'livereload',
    // internal
    'excludeHeaders' => [], // additional header definition for AJAX requests exclusion

Server-sent Events

Connects to SSE endpoint (provided in the extension out of the box) and watch specified directories and (or) files. Uses Nette\Utils\Finder under the hood, so you can setup Finder according to your needs.

Second section - marked internal is related to SSE itself. It's kind of selfexplanatory.

// minimal setup
Mskocik\TracyReloader\ReloaderPanel('SSE', [   
    // Nette\Utils\Finder config
    'mask' => '*.*',
    'in' => null,
    'from' => null,
    'exclude' => null,
    'excludeDir' => null,
    // internal
    'excludeHeaders' => [], // additional header definition for AJAX requests exclusion
    'timeout' => 30,        // SSE/Reloader.php max execution time
    'watchInterval' => 2,   // loop sleep interval

Filter ajax requests

It is not desired to render tracy panel for AJAX requests. Basic AJAX requests are filtered out automatically, but if you send some additional AJAX requests, you can filter them out by specifying headers that are related to these requests.

These headers should be specified in excludedHeaders property of $config as $key: $value pairs.

Example of local.neon:

		- Mskocik\TracyReloader\ReloaderPanel('LR', [ 
			https: true,
			excludeHeaders: [
				x-requested-with: swup

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