⚠️ THIS PACKAGE IS NO LONGER MAINTAINED. You can use contributte/cache instead.

Caching is a very common task in web development. The current practice of creating Cache instances in Nette is to enumerate IStorage as a dependency and create the Cache by hand, as seen in the docs. This, however, makes unit testing classes that depend on cache a pain in the you-know-what. You either need to mock the storage and go through Cache code to find what methods are called upon the storage, or use some autoloading magic. I don't think either way is a good one to go. I've found myself writing a simple factory like the one in this package on every project, so I made an extension out of it.

Installation and requirements

$ composer require oops/cache-factory

Oops/CacheFactory requires PHP >= 5.6.


Register the extension in your config:

	cacheFactory: Oops\CacheFactory\DI\CacheFactoryExtension

And replace all occurrences of direct Cache instantiation with call to the factory, so that this:

class CachedFoo
	private $cache;

	public function __construct(Nette\Caching\IStorage $cacheStorage)
		$this->cache = new Nette\Caching\Cache($cacheStorage, 'namespace');

becomes this:

class CachedFoo
	private $cache;

	public function __construct(Oops\CacheFactory\Caching\CacheFactory $cacheFactory)
		$this->cache = $cacheFactory->create('namespace');

The factory automatically uses the storage registered in the config. To provide backwards compatibility, you can also pass to the factory an arbitrary storage, should you need it:

$cacheFactory->create('namespace', new Nette\Caching\Storages\DevNullStorage());

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