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[WIP] Raw data mapping to validated objects

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Object Mapper

Raw data mapping to validated objects

Ideal for validation of POST data, configurations, serialized and any other raw data and automatic mapping of them to type-safe objects.

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use Orisai\ObjectMapper\MappedObject;
use Orisai\ObjectMapper\Rules\MappedObjectValue;
use Orisai\ObjectMapper\Rules\StringValue;

final class UserInput implements MappedObject

	/** @StringValue(notEmpty=true) */
	public string $firstName;

	/** @StringValue(notEmpty=true) */
	public string $lastName;

	/** @MappedObjectValue(UserAddressInput::class) */
	public UserAddressInput $address;

use Orisai\ObjectMapper\MappedObject;

final class UserAddressInput implements MappedObject
	// ...
use Orisai\ObjectMapper\Exception\InvalidData;
use Orisai\ObjectMapper\Printers\ErrorVisualPrinter;
use Orisai\ObjectMapper\Printers\TypeToStringConverter;
use Orisai\ObjectMapper\Processing\DefaultProcessor;

$processor = new DefaultProcessor(...);
$errorPrinter = new ErrorVisualPrinter(new TypeToStringConverter());

$data = [
	'firstName' => 'Tony',
	'lastName' => 'Stark',
	'address' => [],

try {
	$user = $processor->process($data, UserInput::class);
} catch (InvalidData $exception) {
	$error = $errorPrinter->printError($exception);

	throw new Exception("Validation failed due to following error:\n$error");

echo "User name is: {$user->firstName} {$user->lastName}";

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