Planette Playground

Prepared examples from community members of the Nette Framework.

In this repository you can find snippet and examples of Contributte, Apitte and Nettrine projects.

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Minimal PHP version is 7.2. You are more then welcomed to create your example? Just fork this repository and send a PR.

If you want to test some example just clone this repository and take a look at prepared examples.

git clone
Project Description
apitte-fullstack Fullstack application with example of all plugins.
apitte-micro Micro application with direct dispatching.
apitte-simple Simple middleware application.
apitte-nette-simple Simple Nette
contributte-api-router Starter project for ApiRouter.
contributte-console Example of writing own commands and how to install console-extra with all commands.
contributte-datagrid Dockerized example of our datagrid. DEMO
contributte-event-dispatcher Example of dispatching and subscribing events.
contributte-forms-bootstrap Example of contributte/forms-bootstrap usage.
contributte-live-form-validation Example of live form validation.
contributte-mailing Example of contributte/mailing usage.
contributte-neonizer Example of contributte/neonizer usage.
contributte-reCAPTCHA Example of Google reCaptcha.
contributte-thepay Example of contributte/thepay usage.
nettrine Example of doctrine/dbal, doctrine/orm, doctrine/migrations and doctrine/data-fixtures.
nextras-orm-generator Example of nextras entity generation


Milan Felix Šulc

Honza Černý

Marek Bartoš

Pavel Janda

Dalibor Korpar

Petr Parolek

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