OpenStreetMap for Nette Framework

This is a Component for showing POIs on a OSM Map with the leaflet Javascript library. You can set markers on different layers. On the map it is possible to show or hide the different layers.


Copy the /src/components/leaflet folder somewhere in the Nette app folder. e.g. app/components

Copy the /src/assets/leaflet folder somewhere in your web-directory and link the leaflet.css and leaflet.js files in your latte template.

Copy the /src/assets/leafletIcon folder somewhere in your web-directory and link the Leaflet.Icon.Glyph.css and Leaflet.Icon.Glyph.js files in your latte template.

Add one or more of the following icon fonts to your web project:

FontAwesome Mapkey Icons Ionicons Typicon .....

Yo can use ervery other icon font you want. But you have to adapt the Leaflet.Icon.Glyph.css.


You can mix the icons of the fonts in a map.



  protected function createComponentLeafletControl(){
        // create and configure component
        $lfc = new \tc4x\leafletMap\leafletControl();
        // add a fontawesome icon to the map
        $marker = $lfc->getMarker(54.4288,11.1931);
        $marker->setHeadline("Holiday home");
        $marker->setText("Ferienwohnung Grosskopf");
        $lfc->setMarker($marker,"Holiday home");
        //add a mapkey icon to the map
        $marker = $lfc->getMarker(54.411862714387,11.098079681396484);
        $marker->setText("Camping Strukkamphuk");    
        //add a mapkey icon to the map
        $marker = $lfc->getMarker(54.40460440086583,11.14214229863137);
        $marker->setText("Camping Miramar");    
        //add a typicon icon to the map
        $marker = $lfc->getMarker(54.405768414614855,11.177000999450684);
        $marker->setText("Camping Wulfener Hals - Riechey Freizeitanlagen");    
        return $lfc;
    }	ode>


{control leafletControl 54.4288,11.1929,16}

The parameter are: logitude, latitude, zomm level The map will be centered on given logitude and latitude


$marker = $lfc->getMarker($lon,$lat);

The marker class supports following properties:

	// Logitude set by constructor

	// Langitude set by constructor

	public $prefix; -> public function setPrefix($prefix)...
	// the prefix of the icon font (typcn=Typicons, fa=Fontawesome, mki=Mapkey Icons...)

	public $icon; -> public function setIcon($icon)...
	// Icon that will be shown in the marker

	public $iconColor; -> public function setIconColor($iconColor)
	// Color of the icon (default = white)

	public $markerColor; -> public function setMarkerColor($markerColor)
	// Color of the marker. 
   	// Possible values are: red, darkred, lightred, orange, beige, green, darkgreen, lightgreen, 
	blue, darkblue, lightblue, purple, darkpurple, pink, cadetblue, white, gray, lightgray, black

   	public $headline; -> public function setHeadline($headline)
   	// Headline text in popup window
	public $text; -> public function setText($text)
    // Text in popup window. Can include HTML

## Categories

You can assign every marker to a category. The asinged categories are shown in layer top right in the map and you can
show/hide every assigned category.

$lfc->setMarker($marker,"Holiday home"); assigns the marker to the category "Holiday home". If a categorie does not exist, it will be created.

$lfc->setMarker($marker); assigns the marker to the categorie "standard" which is not be shown in the category layer. 
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    First release

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