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Extended Flash Messages for Nette Framework, but only in 2 classes!

download-cloud-line composer require vottuscode/extended-flashes

Deprecation Notice

This project has been deprecated as Presenter#flashMessage now accepts Objects.

Extended Flashes


You may be asking, what is this? Glad you asked.

During development of website in the Nette Framework, I found myself limited by the default Flash Messages, $presenter->flashMessage($message, $type)
That's why I decided I'll do a little addon for these flashes. It works basically the same, but I can set additional arguments which may come handy.


Run composer require vottuscode/extended-flashes
Go to your BasePresenter.php and add the Vottus\Flashes\Traits\Flashes trait:

<?php declare(strict_types=1);
namespace App\Presenters;

use Nette\Application\UI\Presenter;
use Vottus\Flashes\Traits\Flashes;

class BasePresenter extends Presenter

    use Flashes;

    // .. your code


That's basically everything! But how do you actually use it?


It is very easy! Instead of flashMessage($message, $type) use: flash($title, $message, $type, $additional)

First three variables $title, $message and $type are self-explanatory.
If you don't need to set the title, you can set it to null. Type is by default set to info.

Variable $additional is for additional info, as mentioned earlier. It is later transformed info a JSON using Nette\Utils\Json::encode(). You may use anything that can be converted into a Json, otherwise an Nette\Utils\JsonException is thrown.

Example flash:

$this->flash("Hello", "This is a nice flash message!", "success", [
    "happy" => true

The flashes are in the same $flashes variable, so you don't need to modify your flash messages.

Example flash rendering with flashMessage():

<div n:foreach="$flashes as $flash" class="flash {$flash->type}">

Example flash rendering with flash():

<div n:foreach="$flashes as $flash" class="flash {$flash->type}">
	// and you can add:
	{var $json = json_decode($flash->additional}

Using it with JavaScript

Say what? You can use this with JS? Yes, and there are two ways to use it. You can use Nittro or Nette.ajax.js, but I'm gonna show you a solution without any libraries.

Let's set a flash message in our Presenter:

$this->flash("Hello", "This is a nice flash message!", "success", [
    "happy" => true

Create a JS file in your public folder, for example flashes.js:

function flash(title, message, type, additional) {
    console.log(title) // Hello
    console.log(message) // This is a nice flash message!
    console.log(type) // success
    console.log(additional.happy); // true

In your @layout.latte, add the script:

<script src="{$baseUrl}/flashes.js"></script>

Then add this below it:

<script n:inner-foreach="$flashes as $flash">
	{varType Vottus\Flashes\Entities\Flash $flash}
	flash({$flash->title}, {$flash->message}, {$flash->flashType}, JSON.parse({$flash->additional}));

(the {varType} is not necessary, it's there for auto completion in IDEs)

⚠️ Do not ever disable escaping, it will create an XSS vulnerability.

Now the flash messages are handled by the JS method flash(), and it depends on you how you use it!

You can for example use third-party libraries like SweetAlert or toastr.js for nice toast messages or alerts.

SweetAlert Example


Printing announcements:

<div n:foreach="$flashes as $flash">
    {varType Vottus\Flashes\Entities\Flash $flash}
    {var $additional = json_decode($flash->additional)}
    <div class="flash flash-{$flash->flashType}">
        <span><b>{$additional->date}</b> &ndash; By <b>{$additional->author}</b> | {$flash->title}</span>

Using SweetAlert to flash messages:

<script n:inner-foreach="$flashes as $flash">
    {varType Vottus\Flashes\Entities\Flash $flash}
    flashSwal({$flash->title}, {$flash->message}, {$flash->flashType}, JSON.parse({$flash->additional}));
function flashSwal(title, message, type, additional) {{
        title: title,
        text: message,
        position: additional.position,

If you want help, feel free to write me a mail or open an issue.

  • 1.1.4 1.1.4 - Last release

  • 1.1.3 1.1.3 eh

  • 1.1.2 Removed the @throws annotation

  • 1.1.1 1.1.1

    Fixed the getAdditionalAsJson() function

  • 1.1.0 1.1.0

    BC break change; $additional is not automatically parsed as JSON

  • 1.0.0-1 Small Bugfixes

    Fixed some issues that were done by small mistake. Sorry.







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